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3ce foundation size

3ce foundation by puny

For those that have been following me on the facebook page, you must be well aware of my current favourite foundation from 3CE (3 Concept Eyes).

I am not a make-up guru. But I have been putting on make-up almost every day since I was 19 years old. For those who know me well enough, you will know that I am never a supporter of heavy make-up. I prefer nude, barely-there look and my daily makeup routine pretty much revolves around BB cream, eyeliner, blusher and lip gloss. I sometimes even go without eyeliner.

Until I tried this 3CE Glossing Waterful Foundation, I have never imagined a foundation could be so featherly light that I fall in love with it completely after the 1st try.

3ce make ups

3CE is a cosmetic line from a successful Korean fashion brand, Stylenanda. Founded in 2004, Stylenanda have been actively providing latest K fashion from Seoul. From an online store flourishing into the current 5 flagship-stores business, you can tell it is a very well managed company. Their online site runs in 4 different languages (Korean, Japanese, English and Chinese), targeting huge market from the regions where these 4 languages are spoken.


Their 3 stories flagship store in Hongdae – Pic credit to Stylenanda.com


Their own space at Lotte Department Store, Young Plaza at Myung-dong. — Pic credit to stylenanda.com

3ce model

Well, I may have gone too far … >.<  Let’s come back to their star item that caught the hearts of so many pretty ladies out there — The Glossing Waterful Foundation. Many have been commenting about how amazing this foundation is, which triggered my curiosity if it works wonders.

3ce foundation colour choice

Glossing Waterful foundation comes in 4 different colours from 2 different tones. The helpful tip above from their site should be able to assist you in making the best choice for your skin.

A simplify version of mine is:

First decide which tone suits you better. If you tend to have a pale looking face like me, choose the warm tone. If not, choose the pink one.
Then if you have fairer skin, choose Ivory. If you got darker skin, choose Beige. Mine is a Warm Tone, Nude Beige.

3ce packaging

The glass bottle is nicely wrapped in a black coloured paper box — a two-tone box. (Nice packaging!)  You will see the nice striking hot pink colour when you open up the box. The bottle looks more like a perfume bottle, with a dropper cap for your convenience. Personally I feel the design is very elegant. Having them nicely placed on my dressing table feels GREAT.

3ce foundation size

The palm-sized bottle consist of 40g of the liquid foundation, which consist a beneficial SPF15 PA+ sunscreen protection.

3 concept eyes foundation

The texture of the foundation is very, very light and smooth. It blends easily with my skin, leaving a glossy, no-caked effect. I usually apply it when I am having good-skin-day that doesn’t need too much of the coverage. The 1st try was impressive. I wore the makeup at 9am. Judging from the light finishing, I didn’t expect much from the product until I reached home at about 830pm that day. My skin looked fairly fresh with healthy-looking glow despite my hectic schedule that day.

3ce review

The pictures were taken after a whole day errand. I was pretty amazed by the long-lasting effect. The gleam on my face also gains much interest and compliment too.

More tips from Stylenanda regarding the product:

3ce makeup tip

Difference between the area with and without applying the foundation:

3ce effectiveness

My Verdict: Great foundation with affordable price. I am very grateful that I get to enjoy the product at the lowest price possible (SGD 28-30) as I am currently located in Korea. One good thing about the 3CE Cosmetics is they are very easy to get as the company hires a group of English speaking people to aid the biz. Most importantly, they ship worldwide! With their full English site operating and EMS parcel tracking available, I don’t see difficulties in purchasing them. Otherwise, some friends of mine are selling them too. You may inbox me or Facebook Message me on my Page (Click) and we will discuss further. : )


Product Information:
3CE Glossing Waterful Foundation from Stylenanda

Stylenanda Hongdae Main Store:
335-21, Seogyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul.
Tel: +82-2-333-9215
Website: en.stylenanda.com

Other Stylenanda Outlets:
Seoul Myeongdong Lotte Young Plaza level 2
Seoul Jamsil Lotte department store level 2
Daegu Lotte young plaza level 1
Incheon Lotte department store level 2


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