A Wild Poppy Escapade to Sangdong Lake Park

Photo by Ke Chean Neoh. 2015 Spring. Sangdong Lake Park. All Rights Reserved.

The arrival of June marked an official end to the spring of 2015. I was so occupied with my work lately and could hardly find time to sit down and blog. But I am glad that I went out for some late-spring flower viewing just before the heat and Mers attack the vulnerable city.

As I sit down to sort out the pictures and start writing about it, I realised how alluring these red beauties are. They managed to keep me thinking about them all the while. The swaying movement of the wild poppies in the wind was a mesmerising sight. It was so magical that I can just sit there and watch them all day long.

bucheon sangdong lake park

wild poppies in korea

Photo by Ke Chean Neoh. 2015 Spring. Sangdong Lake Park. All Rights Reserved.
Photo by Ke Chean Neoh. 2015 Spring. Sangdong Lake Park.

The splendorous sight of wild poppies could be found at Sangdong Lake Park, a regular neighbourhood park located at Gyeonggi-do, Bucheon City, some 45 minutes train rides from where I stay in Seoul. It is not a huge park, but you would see families and couples setting up tents, bringing out beautiful picnic utensils and enjoy their day here on any fine late-spring days.

The flower shrubs nearby the lake, which was the place where we got these photos are filled up with thousands of wild poppies. It is quite a sight and has also become one of the favourite location for model shooting or even pre-wedding shoot. We see at least 5 different groups taking photos at the same location. It is a popular weekend hideout for locals, and I see no tourists yet so if you are looking for some real South Korean experience,  a picnic outing to Sangdong Lake Park next late-spring could be on your to-do list.

You’ll find two major clusters of flower shrubs here at the park in late May. One of them is filled with blooming wild poppies. It comprises several clusters of the beautiful red flowers and are usually very crowded.

Photo by Ke Chean Neoh. 2015 Spring. Sangdong Lake Park.

The other one was the magical barley field located beside the poppy cluster–the least crowded one is the location where we got most of the photos. The setting sun shines on the field, creates a mystical, soft, light and airy feel to the picture.

Photo by Ke Chean Neoh. 2015 Spring. Sangdong Lake Park. All Rights Reserved.
Photo by Ke Chean Neoh. 2015 Spring. Sangdong Lake Park.

These are some of my favourite shoots against this background. Photos are taken by Ke Chean.

bucheon sangdong lake park

late spring bucheon sangdong lake park

bucheon wild poppies 9

Other than the usual soft and girly photographs, we also tried some non-mainstream theme. It turned out quite ghostly, but I love it!

bucheon poppy e1

bucheon poppy e2

bucheon poppy e3

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

There are more interesting photos coming up for sure, but now what we can do is to wait as the photographer is currently very, very busy with his work.

Here are some other pictures of the beautiful poppies I took.

wild poppies korea

wild poppies korea

wild poppies korea

Frankly speaking the golden timing before sunset at this place is to-die-for. I love the place so much that I didn’t want to go home that soon but it was getting quite chilly at dusk so we had to leave. One more tip here: If you are planning to go picnic at the park, and if you are extremely picky about the food you eat, you may want to pack your own as there is only one convenient store at the park. You can find pre-packed lunchbox, instant cup noodles, snacks, drinks and ice-cream at the convenient store. Otherwise, just order anything you like to the park if you speak fair amount of Korean! 🙂

I hope you like this little local hideout I introduce here in the post and hopefully I will see you here next spring, perhaps end of May?

p.s. Please do remember poppies are only available in late spring (Late May) so if you really want to see the flowers, come according to the season^^




Sangdong Lake Park
15, Jomaru-ro 85beon-gil, Wonmi-gu, Bucheon-si, Gyeonggi-do
상동호수공원, 경기도 부천시 원미구 조마루로 15 (상동)

Come out from Sangdong Station (상동역) exit no.4, then walk straight for about 5-8 minutes to reach the park entrance.



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  1. Hye pheurontay! I’m Izzu from Malaysia. I’m glad I’ve found your blog earlier before my trip to Korea next year. I really love your blog since it’s also covered for local hideout and not to mention the beautiful photos in your gallery and instagram. Hope to see more updates (I know you are really busy, and the photographer too) but yeah! I couldn’t help myself from waiting for your update. I really wish to meet you , if not in Korea maybe in Singapore lol I wish the best in everything you do. xoxo

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