Photo by Ke Chean Neoh at Yongma Land Swimming Pool. Late Autumn 2014.

Pheuron Tay. Born November 14th.
An ex-journalist in Singapore, a glutton and perhaps an absolute fan of everything pretty.

She visited South Korea in 2009 and left her soul at the “Land of Morning Calm” since then.
The Calm Chronicle is her passion project where she shares insights and her adventures (mainly) about South Korea.

In Ancient Korea and China, the name of the country was written as 朝鮮Cháoxiǎn;
“朝” meaning “morning” and “鮮” depicts “calm”. Hence Korea is also known as “The Land of Morning Calm”.

The Calm Chronicle aims to provide alternative ideas to exploring a new city through Pheuron’s camera lenses and writings.

Pheuron also shares her love of beauty products, trends, and fashion finds on the blog.
She welcomes press materials, trips and product reviews focusing on beauty, fashion, food, and travel.

— for the culturally curious and Epicurious.

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