Daejeo Ecological Park: Experience Busan’s Beautiful Spring Day

Visiting the enormous canola field in May didn't disappoint!

Busan Daejeo Ecological Park Yuchae Flower

It was May and we found ourselves back in Busan. It was an unexpected and rather impromptu trip, but we felt very blessed to be back. As I’ve heard so much about Daejeo Ecological Park (대저생태공원), a public park famed for its seasonal flower fields, we decided to visit the place… even though I was well aware that the Canola flower season was almost over!

For the uninitiated, the park boasts an enormous 760,000 square meters of canola flower field and is also the venue of the annual Nakdong Canola Festival that takes place in mid-April. Hence, the best time to visit this park is in mid-April. We were just about 2 weeks late! So I decided to press on and went ahead to visit the park.

Now before we start, let’s take a look at the pictures of the annual Nakdong Canola Festival, to get an idea of what it is like when you’re visiting the park during peak bloom.

Busan Daejeo Saengtae Gongwon, Busan Spring day.
Photo courtesy of KTO.
Busan spring day flower.
Photo Courtesy of KTO.
Busan Daejeo Ecological Park Rapeseed Flower
Photo Courtesy of KTO.
Daejeo Ecological Park KTO
Photo Courtesy of KTO

Daejeo Ecological Park

Daejeo Eco Park is located along the riverbanks of the Nakdonggang River next to Gimhae Airport in Busan. It is a habitat for migratory birds and is made up of various waterways. It is a park that is well planned with different areas of different types of flowers that bloom in different seasons.

Visiting the Park in end-April or early-May

It turns out that visiting the park from end-April to early-May can be quite pleasing! While the bloom was certainly not as glorious, the gentle movement of the tiny yellow flower buds as the warm spring breeze drifted through the field was strangely calming and relaxing.

As it has already passed the flower season, we have the field to ourselves for almost the entire time when we were there! We had a great time experiencing the healing power of nature at this park, which I don’t think you’d be able to experience when people are flocking to the field for photos during peak season.

#Tip:  The flowers nearer to the entrances and walkways appeard to wither more quickly than those that are located in the middle of the field. For better photos, try to walk deeper into the field :) 
#Tip: Visit the Park According to Flower Seasons! 

• Mid-April : Cherry Blossom & Canola Seed Field (760,000㎡)
• Early August: Cosmos & Sunflower Field (270,000 ㎡)
• Mid-September: Pink Muhly Field (1000 ㎡) 
Daejeo Ecological Park May
Busan Daejo Ecological Park in May
The canola flowers nearer to the walkways.
Rapeseed Flower Busan
Daejo Ecological Park
Busan Daejeo Ecological Park pheurontay
The canola flowers in the middle of the field will make your photos look way better!
pheurontay busan rapeseed flower blog
Busan Spring Flower Rapeseed
Rapeseed Flower Busan Daejeo

Picnic At the Park

We also packed some light snacks to the park ourselves and enjoyed a mini picnic session there. As the entire park is quiet during off-peak season, you may want to pick up some snacks at the convenience stores nearby the subway station before entering the park. If you’re visiting during the festivals, you should be able to find snack booths in designated areas!

For those who’re curious, we bought the Wine in a Glass from a wine shop at Haeundae Market!

Spring Picnic in Busan Daejeo Ecological Park
Spring in Busan Picnic Location
Busan Daejeo Ecological Park Rapeseed Flower in May

Writer’s Note: While it would be fun visiting Daejeo Ecological Park during the annual Nakdong Canola Festival, visiting during the off-peak season from end-April to early May certainly did not disappoint. However, I would not recommend visiting the park after the first week of May as the flowers may be withered by then.

During April, August and September when there are flowers blooming in the park, you can also visit the nearby Nakdonggang River Rail Park, where you can pedal on train tracks while taking in breathtaking views of the park.

Location Details:

Busan Daejeo Ecological Park 대저생태공원
1246, Gonghang-ro, Gangseo-gu, Busan
부산광역시 강서구 공항로 1246
Opening Hours: 06:00-21:00, Free Admission.
Nearest Subway Station: Busan Gangseo-gu Office Stn. (강서구청역)


  1. Take Busan Subway line No. 3 to Gangseo-gu Office station(강서구청역).
  2. Exit the station from Exit 3 or Exit 1, turn left (if exit from Exit 3) and follow the directions along the way to the park.

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