Good Brews at Garosugil: Tailor Coffee

Looking for a good glass of Einspänner? Look no further.

Taylor's Coffee Garosugil

The café culture has been a unique part of modern Korean society. While there are many outstanding cafés brewing good coffees in Seoul, not all do Einspänner well. Einspänner, or Vienna coffee, is an iced milk coffee that is made of milk, whipped cream, espresso shots, and a sprinkle of cocoa powder. It has quickly become THE South Korean coffee to order when you’re café-hopping in the country in recent years.

As this drink is a South Korean rendition of a traditional Viennese Einspänner, the recipes can be different depending on the café or the barista. If you’re looking for a good cup of coffee, or more specifically, a good cup of Einspänner, then the ones at Tailor Coffee would satisfy your cravings.

I have been to Tailor Coffee in Yeonnam-dong, and it was my first time visiting their newer outlet at Sinsa-dong Garosugil. It was winter and the weather forecast was predicting the first snow of the year that very day when I visited the café. Everyone was talking about it and the atmosphere in the café was cheery and bright.

Tailor Coffee Sinsa Garosugil
Flat White, using beans from “Purple Rain Blend”.

As usual, I ordered a flat white with beans from their house blend — the Purple Rain Blend. The beans come with a nice sweetness and moderate acidity that reminds me of ripe berries. It was a nice pairing with milk, and I love the mellow mouthfeel of the milk coffee. The flat white was good. But I didn’t expect the coffee that comes up next to be so yummy and satisfying.

Best Einspänner Tailor's Coffee
Einspänner coffee at Tailor Coffee.

Tailor’s Einspänner was so tasty! It comes with a lighter cream that floats on top of the iced espresso. The creamy consistency was identical to a milkshake — very smooth and creamy but also way lighter than the ones served at other cafés. It didn’t feel cloying and was refreshing even though it was a milk coffee made of whipped cream. This was also the moment K got hooked by Einspänner and ordered this drink throughout the trip at other cafés but the one at Tailor’s remained his personal No.1!

Another fun fact about this drink is that in South Korea, the baristas would not recommend consumers mix a Vienna Einspänner before drinking it. Instead, you’d be encouraged to take the coffee by sipping it or scoop the thick and creamy cream with some coffee and enjoy that velvety and indulgent mess from the spoon.

Best Einspänner in Korea Tailors Coffee
Tailor's Coffee Best Einspänner

Writer’s Note: Tailor coffee serves great coffee, and you can feel the baristas took pride in preparing every single cup of coffee. While there are different outlets in Seoul, my personal favourite is their Sinsa-dong outlet, which features a Wabi-sabi interior. If you’re in the neighbourhood, please drop by and enjoy a cup of coffee. It is indeed one of the cafés in Seoul that serves a delicious cup of Einspänner. I’d also get their beans and drip coffee home whenever I visit the store too!

Contact Details

Tailor Coffee (Sinsa Outlet) 테일러커피 신사점 가로수길
 31 Gangnam-daero 160-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul
서울특별시 강남구 강남대로160길 31 1F
Tel. +82 2-511-0355
Operating Hours: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM


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