Haeundae Amso Galbi-jib: A Popular Hanwoo Short Ribs Restaurant in Busan

Only the early birds get the fresh beef ribs!

Busan Haeundae Amsogalbi-jib

Haeundae Beach (해운대해수욕장) is no doubt one of the most popular destinations in Busan. Every year, the beach welcomes thousands of visitors, especially during the summer holidays. It’s also a popular hangout spot for locals, for its great mix of international cuisines and traditional restaurants.

Among the popular restaurants in the area, Haeundae Amso Galbi-jib (해운대 암소 갈비집) is considered one of the oldest and most popular restaurants. Opened in 1964, the business has been passed down to the 2nd generation and has earned the title of “visitors must-try in Busan”. The restaurant also appeared in Netflix’s ‘The Hungry and The Hairy’ show that features South Korea’s hearty food and beautiful sceneries in various provinces.

Hungry & Hairy Busan Haeundae Amso Galbijib
The restaurant appeared in ‘The Hungry and The Hairy’ show on Netflix.

During our recent trip to Busan, we finally had a chance to visit the restaurant. As we ended our schedule earlier than expected, we decided that it is the best time to head down to Haeundae Amso Galbi-jib because this place is really popular. After all, their Fresh Beef Short Ribs (Saeng Galbi, 생갈비) sold out really quickly so we thought that we may have a better chance to try out their most famous type of meat if we can beat the dinner crowd on a weekday — we were so wrong.

This was the queue when we reached the restaurant at 6:15 PM. The queue wasn’t too bad, as there were only less than 10 numbers in front of us, but we were told that the fresh beef ribs were already sold out. You really need to be extra early when it comes to fresh beef ribs at this restaurant.

Busan haeundae Amsogalbijib - long queue
Busan Haeundae galbi jib - outside the restaurant, famous restaurant

The restaurant has a very simple menu. They only do 3 types of beefs – Fresh Short Ribs (Saeng Galbi, 생갈비), Marinated Short Ribs (Yangnyeom Galbi 양념갈비) and Bulgogi (불고기), Marinated Sliced Beef. The restaurant only serves Hanwoo grade beef which ensures high quality and great taste.

Similar to most BBQ restaurants, the minimum order per item is 2 pax here. So we ordered the Marinated Short Ribs (KRW 46,000 for 1 pax). The meat and side dishes were served pretty quickly.

Busan Haeundae Amsogalbi Yangnyum Galbi 2 pax
Marinated Hanwoo Short Ribs for Two, at Haeundae Amso Galbi-jib.
Busan Haeundae Amsogalbi Jib, Haeundae Hanwoo BBQ

Your meat is grilled on this specially designed grill pan that allows excess oil to drip through the pan without ruining the taste of the beef. The restaurant also uses real charcoal to impart some magical flavour to the meat.

The Banchan or the side dishes are served on individual small plates. I love their Dongchimi (동치미), radish water kimchi that was crispy and refreshing. The kimchi juice was sour with a nice tinge of sweetness, and it really whetted my palate. It pairs really well with the grilled Hanwoo meat too!

Busan Haeundae Amso Galbi Review
Busan Haeundae Amso Galbi Review
Dongchimi, radish water kimchi.
Busan Haeundae Amsogalbi-jib
Busan Haeundae Amso Galbi, Yangnyeom Galbi, Marinated Short Ribs
Marinated Short Rib (Yangnyeom Galbi).

Raised free-range in the South Korean countryside, the marinated Hanwoo short rib was succulent, with a nice balance of meat and fat. It was also very flavourful with a slightly sweet taste.

Potato noodles or Gamja Guksu (감자국수) will be served once all your meat dishes are grilled and served. The noodle is simmered in meat stock (yuksu) along the edge of the grill pan. It is said to be a classic and very popular dish here at this restaurant. However, I didn’t like this noodle as it has a weird aftertaste — a very strong alkaline taste that I did not enjoy at all.

The noodles appear in ‘The Hungry & The Hairy’ show where Rain brought his own truffle oil to mix into the noodles. Well, as visitors we don’t bring truffle oil everywhere when we travel so if you are not a fan of potato or starchy noodles, I’d recommend ordering the rice and Soybean Paste Soup (Doenjang Jjigae) to complete your meal instead.

Busan Haeundae Amsogalbi Jib Hanwoo BBQ, potato noodle
Potato Noodles simmering in the meat broth.
Busan Haeundae Amso Galbijib, potato noodle.
Busan Haeundae Amso Galbi jib blog

Writer’s Note: The marinated short ribs were good. As these are Hanwoo beef, they don’t come cheap. I wouldn’t say that it is mind-blowing delicious considering the price. But it does make me wonder what would the non-marinated, fresh short ribs taste like, as they seemed to be always sold out early.

As a famous restaurant, they are extremely popular. There is also a queue system too. You just need to register your mobile number and wait for your number to be called. If the queue or waiting time isn’t very long, it is worth a try!

Contact Details

Haeundae Amso Galbi-jib 해운대 암소갈비집
32-10, Jungdong 2-ro 10beon-gil, Haeundae-gu, Busan
부산광역시 해운대구 중동2로10번길 32-10
Tel: +82-51-746-000

Operating Hours: 11:30 AM -10:00 PM, closed on Seollal & Chuseok Holiday.


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