Hidden Gem in Namhae: Daeguk Mountain Fortress

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During our recent trip to South Korea, we travelled to Namhae County, a least travelled destination by foreigners in the South Gyeongsang Province. We made a 3D2N trip to Namhae, where we explored this quaint and beautiful island in winter and discovered this hidden fortress in the county that features breathtaking scenery and rich history.

Daeguk Sanseong 대국산성, or the Daeguk Mountain Fortress is a hidden gem in Namhae. It is located in a lush forest on Namhae Island that is overlooking the sea during the 3-Kingdom era and the Unified Silla Dynasty. The location of this fortress is quite secluded, and therefore explains why it is a destination off-the-beaten-track. There was literally no one visiting the place when we were there, and we had the whole fortress all to ourselves the entire time!

Namhae Daeguk Sanseong fortress
A small mountain trail that leads towards the fortress
Namhae Daeguk Sanseong Mountain Fortress

Historians believe that the fortress was built to monitor and protect the island as it was a strategic location. We had to park the car at the carpark and walk along the steep jungle trail to reach the fortress. Walking along the fortress made me feel insignificant.

It was also during the time when wearing masks outdoors was compulsory. However, As there weren’t any visitors, I could remove my mask for a short while to enjoy the crisp and refreshing winter air that felt so liberating!

Namhae Daeguk Sansong Mountain Fortress

Daeguk mountain fortress is built in a strategic location and served as an army base where the army could guard the sea and the coastal area against the invasion from the Baekje Kingdom. It was said to have been built in the first half of the 7th century A.D. before Jeonyasan-gun (former administrative district of Namhae) was established. We could see the remains of the well that was used to provide drinking water to the entire camp at the fortress too!

Namhae Daeguk Mountain Fortress well
Namhae Free & Easy Trip
Namhae Hidden Gem Daeguk Mountain Fortress

Writer’s Note: Daeguk Mountain Fortress is a quaint and quiet destination to visit in Namhae. It isn’t overly popular, but the views are great. It was foggy when we arrived, but according to our private driver, the view on top of the fortress during spring and summer is breathtaking. It would make a nice place to meditate, or a picnic session in Spring, Summer and Autumn!

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Daeguk Mountain Fortress 대국산성
Jinmok-ri, Seolcheon-myeon, Namhae-gun, Gyeongsangnam-do, South Korea
경상남도 남해군 설천면 진목리


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