Good Brews at Garosu-gil: Ikovox Coffee

an afternoon at ikovox garosugil

Residing in Korea is pretty close to perfect for an avid coffee drinker. The nearest cafe is always a stone’s throw away. And for those who frequent Garosugil — the trending neighborhood for many South Korean hipsters, you’re pretty much spoilt for choice. Many prominent brewers and roasters have flocked to this area, brewing their signature cuppa, creating yet another cafe revolution here in the downtown.

Ikovox coffee garosugil
I was with the two coffee experts hailed from Singapore one fine winter afternoon at Garosugil so we decided to visit Ikovox Coffee, a cafe that roast it’s own beans. The entrance was brimming with that lovely scent of freshly roasted coffee before we stepped into the cafe.

coffee roasters at garosugil

The interior of the cafe was simple, not overly adorned but furnished with taste and comfort in mind. It was pretty quiet in the cafe for a Friday afternoon. We decided on espresso — A very tricky drink for the barista, but a relatively easy drink for consumers to identify if the beans and the technique are good.

south korean coffee roasters
Different blend they roast for sale.

an afternoon at ikovox garosugil

good coffee at garosugil Ikovox coffee garosugil

Ikovox’s espresso — Look at the golden fluid. Thick, smooth, foamy and dark crema was a visual beauty. Inhaling the deep, rich aroma just got me feverish. All I wanted to do was to just shut up, drink my coffee and embrace the moment. The moment of strong, rich and aromatic fluid running down my throat. The aftertaste lingers — so sensational, so good!

an afternoon at ikovox

Cafes are everywhere in Seoul but roasters are relatively rare. More importantly, Ikovox’s coffee are made of freshly roasted beans everyday. Pricing are about the same as any franchise coffee you can get around in Seoul, but TWO shots of espresso are added to every single cup of coffee here in Ikovox — Now you know where to get stronger coffee at usual price at Garosugil.

ikovox coffee

ikovox coffee

My Verdict: It is hard to come out with a fair judgement since we only tried their espresso. However straight espresso is difficult to make, not to mention maintaining the consistency, so I guess this cafe is a keeper for future visit. Since coffee is their main focus, there isn’t many choice for food. Limited slices of carrot cakes and caramel chocolate cakes were available at the counter. Oh well, I am not complaining. Good coffee is the only thing a cafe is qualified as a good cafe afterall. ; D

south korean coffee roasters

Contact Details:

Ikovox Coffee 이코복스 커피 (가로수길점)
Apgujung-ro 10 gil-37, Gangnam-gu, Seoul.
서울시 강남구 압구정로 10길 37.
Tel. 02-545-2010


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