Sinchon Hwangso Gopchang: My Favourite BBQ Beef Intestines in Seoul

traditional korean bbq. intestines.

BBQ intestines 곱창 [read: gop-chang] in Korea is getting popular with foreigners nowadays. I get some suggestions for writing an intestines place that I recommend. I used to think eating BBQ intestines sound ridiculous. It just doesn’t look as appetising compared to the usual Korean BBQs. (Well, the intestines above may still look edible to some of you. That explains why am I writing about it. Of course lah, if not why bother to write about it! )

hwang beef intestines bbq sinchon

Several disappointing gop-chang visits in the previous times almost made me ban myself from visiting any gop-chang restaurant. Until my committed gop-chang lover friends brought me to Sinchon Hwangso Gopchang 신촌 황소곱장구이, then I became addicted. (If you are wondering where to try out BBQ intestines in Seoul, read on!)

sinchon Hwang beef intestines

Located at Sinchon with 60 years of know-how in the industry, this place is pretty famous. We were there on a Saturday early evening (about 630pm), their level 1 air-conditioned area was already full. They got us a table at the basement. Surprisingly it was pretty spacious down there in the basement.

korean beef intestines bbq condiments

Basic settings and condiments are similar to a normal Korean BBQ. However, the price for beef intestines per person  is a whopping 12,000 won, twice the price of a normal Samgyeopsal (Korean Pork Belly) meal per person.

Saeng-gan 생간, raw cow liver and cheon-yeop 천엽, cow's stomach. Korean beef house condiments

Some rather dubious items on the table as the side dish. The red colour, jelly textured one is called Saeng-gan 생간, raw cow liver. It is considered a delicacy served only in a beef specialist restaurant. It just tasted like blood to me. The grey one by its side is called cheon-yeop 천엽, the cow’s 3rd stomach. It is served raw. I didn’t dare to try it but was told it is just like chewing a rubber band. lol Now then when I write about it I regret not trying it. Has anyone tried the raw and rough textured cow stomach before?

korean beef intestines bbq condiments
Condiments: Raw veggies and garlic chives.
korean beef intestines bbq condiments
Condiments: Spicy Mussel Soup

korean beef intestines bbq condiments

The special dipping sauce made of soy sauce, sesame sauce and pickled chilli. Great to go with the intestines.

소곱장 신촌 맛집 bbq restaurant in sinchon

We ordered beef intestines for 3 with garlic chives (+KRW 2,000) and mushrooms (+KRW 2,000). This restaurant is the only one in South Korea that marinates their intestines for 4 hours before serving. The process of marinating gives the intestines a nutty flavour, softer texture and therefore tastier.

ajussi that help to bbq the intestines at hwang bbq sinchon

Here at the restaurant the ajummas or ajussis will help with the grilling. All we need to do is just sit and wait, and taking pictures. kkkk

cutting the beef intestines for bbq sinchon

Look at the thick layer of slime in the intestines. It is the amount of collagen we are taking in! MASSIVE collagen load tonight!!!! This is probably one of the reasons why Korean girls love beef intestines. It is said to have more slime compared to lamb or pork intestines. Good for complexion and digestion!


bbq beef intestines. before done.

Intestines are cut into bite size pieces and tossed with sesame powder and pepper flakes. When it is almost done, the ajumma will then fry the garlic chives with the oil that came from the intestines itself.

beef intestines in korea

traditional korean bbq. intestines.

And so our intestines is all ready to be eaten! You got to agree with me it is actually quite visually appealing, no?

beef intestines 곱장

The intestines itself actually taste like meat (YEAH! you didn’t get me wrong), it taste like meat with an utterly soft and buttered fillings. Look at the fat/ collagen, it was so fluffy!

간장 과 곱장 soy sauce with beef intestines bbq

Their special sesame sauce with pickled chilli did its magic in liven up the taste of the intestines. If you haven’t tried beef intestines before, this place is a good start. No bad smell from the intestines, and the soft, nutty taste of the collagen is probably easier for a novice to appreciate it better. If the intestines are too greasy for you, try to grab some chives to go with your intestines.

bbq beef intestines korea

Tips for Visiting: Usually in a typical Korean BBQ place, upon finishing your meat you’ll be prompted to order cold noodles or fried rice to complete your meal. This particular place, however, does not serve a meal (식사, meaning rice/noodles to complete your meal.) on a weekend. = ( So if you are a rice person and if you have a problem to call whatever you ate a “meal” just because there’s no rice (gimme 5!) , it is either you pay big bucks for the expensive beef intestines to fill your stomach, or just visit the place on a weekday. I recommend the later as I heard their fried rice is extremely yummy!

Contact Details: 
Sinchon Hwang So Gop-Chang 신촌 황소곱창 본점
Seoul, Seodaemun-gu, Sinchon-dong.
Operating Hours: 5pm-2am (weekdays) 5pm-4am (weekends)

Korean version of the address:서울 서대문구 신촌동

How to Get There: (click map to enlarge) 

how to go to hwang beef intestines1. Coming out from Sinchon Station (line No.2) exit 2, walk straight.
2. You’ll pass by KB Kookmin Bank, Hyundai U+ , Pizza Hut, and until you reach McDonalds, turn into the street on you left-hand side. Go down the road until you see the 2nd junction, the restaurant with the big white signboard should be on your left-hand side.

hwang beef intestines sinchon

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