Susanna’s Apron: A Hidden Hipster Bakery Cafe at Euljiro

Susanna's Apron Euljiro
Susanna's Apron. Photo Courtesy of Susanna's Apron Instagram.

Euljiro (을지로)  has indeed become the rising hotspot in metropolitan Seoul. This area was the home ground of printing firms, lighting, tile, and metal business. Most firms have been around for over 30 years, thus created a charming industrial vibe. And in recent years, hipster eateries, bars and cafes have sprung up around Euljiro 3-ga and Euljiro 5-ga, earning the neighbourhood the title of “Hipjiro” (A combination of the word “Hipster” and “Euljiro”). It is one of the most interesting neighbourhoods you must check out during your stay in Seoul.

Susanna’s Apron (수잔나의 앞치마) is considered one of the most popular new cafe & bakery in the area. I remember I first discovered this place on Instagram – it was during summer and I was instantly drawn to this beautiful space with greeneries.

So during my recent Singapore-Korea VTL trip, I happened to do my pre-departure ART test at Eulji Bareun Clinic (을지바른의원) at Euljiro and I decided to check out this neighbourhood that exudes industrial charm with a clash of old and new.

Summer at Susanna's Apron
Summer at Susanna’s Apron. Photo courtesy of Susanna’s Apron Instagram.
Susanna's Apron
Photo courtesy of Susanna’s Apron Instagram.
Euljiro street view
The cafe is hidden within an unassuming commercial industry estate.

Susanna's Apron street view

Susanna’s Apron is a bakery cafe and a cultural event space hidden within the unassuming commercial industrial estate. Right opposite the cafe was printing firms and tile companies where workers were busy shifting materials throughout the day. It boasts 4 floors of space, with the first floor as a bakery, 2nd floor as guest seating and 3rd floor with beanbag seats and an event or exhibition space. They also have a beautiful rooftop garden so if you are visiting during Spring & Summer, do check it out!

The bakery offers a plethora of delectable bakes. We stepped into the space at around 10 AM and found sweet treats, savouries and artisan bread on the shelf. The bakery starts baking early in the morning and serves its first batch of bakes at 8 AM. And you’ll find different varieties coming out at 9 AM, 10 AM, 11 AM and 2 PM.

Entrance of Susanna's Apron

Bread offerings at Susanna's Apron 수잔나의 앞치마

수잔나의 앞치마 Susanna's Apron at Euljiro

Susanna's Apron guest seating

Susanna's Apron Biker Starlet

Susanna's Apron Bread

Exhibition Space. Photo courtesy of Susanna’s Apron Instagram.
Exhibition at Susanna’s Apron. Photo courtesy of Susanna’s Apron Instagram.
Bakery Cafe Euljiro
Photo courtesy of Susanna’s Apron Instagram.

Writer’s Note: Susanna’s Apron is very popular with the locals, as it has been on the variety show “You Quiz on the Block” (유 퀴즈 온 더 블럭) starring Yoo Jae-suk and Jo Se-ho. The space is gorgeous and if you are lucky, you can catch an exhibition here! Personally, this place looks more aesthetically pleasing during spring & summer as it features a beautiful yard and a rooftop garden. The empty garden looks a little sad during my visit in winter.

They seemed to have more sweet bakes on the menu. Some seemingly savoury bread selections actually turned out to be sweet, which weren’t what I was expecting. However, if you are a sweet tooth, you should definitely check this place out. While taste can be very subjective, one thing is for sure: They are all freshly baked daily! I also love their in-house coffee blend. It would be a nice place to catch up with friends while enjoying some sweet bakes and good coffee.


Contact Details:

Susanna’s Apron 수잔나의 앞치마
24 Toegye-ro 49-gil, Gwanghui-dong, Jung-gu, Seoul, South Korea
서울특별시 중구 광희동 퇴계로49길 24
Tel. +82 222 728 007

Operating Hours: 7am-10pm


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