Timeless and effortlessly chic: Biker Starlet new bags review

Happy 2019! I am back, and this time I am going to review two of the Biker Starlet’s latest bags collection. I believe most of you are no stranger to this South Korean designer bag label because I have been raving about it since my very first purchase years ago. Fast forward 5 years and today, I am still very much in love with their designs.

The kind ladies behind Biker Starlet sent two of their bags from the latest collection, and it arrived right before Christmas. Just in time for the pre-Christmas brunch date with K at the SKAI bar.

Left: The Noelle Small in Khaki; Right: Winnie in Black.

I brought the Noelle Bag out for the day. It comes in two sizes, the small and the original. Being a small bags collector, of course, I chose the small one. This design debuted in Spring 2018, and now it comes with a brand new, sophisticated Khaki colour to suit the late winter mood. The deep and solid green colour complements the slip dress from Klarra so very well, it lifted the holiday mood almost instantly.

We had our brunch at the newly revamped SKAI bar tucked away on the 70th level of Swissotel The Stamford. Focuses on contemporary grills on regular days, the restaurant now also serves fancy brunch on weekends, guarantees your weekend start and end on a high note.

You can opt for the SKAI Brunch ($118++) with unlimited plated dishes served at the table, which includes free flow soft drinks, coffee and house red and white, or splurge on the SKAI Champagne & Cocktail Brunch ($168++). I like the idea of starting the brunch with the elegant French Champagne Taittinger, then move on to the delicious cocktails.

The Strawberry Shortcake Tart with Berry Sorbet was a delightful and refreshing combination I almost wanted to order a 2nd serving.


I love the beautiful space, not to mention the warm and impeccable service. Most of the food were pretty up to satisfaction. I can’t recommend another place as great to kickstart your weekend brunch in 2019!


Speaking of the size of the small Noelle, I didn’t think it is an issue. It could be that I am used to mini bags or that they fit my lifestyle. I usually use mini bags on a date, a wedding or even gatherings, which generally only lasted a few hours before returning home. This particular bag may look small, but it could load up my wallet, a BB cushion, house keys, lipsticks and a packet of tissue papers. I’d say the size is pretty decent – just nice to fill up the essentials that could last me for half a day.

The cow leather bag is soft yet sturdy – It feels soft, but the bag stays in its oval, elegant shape even when its empty. I love the flap design and vintage buckle opening. It ensures easy accessibility yet very secure.

The other bag I got was the Winnie bag from the latest collection. I like it because it is a timeless and classic sling bag that would fit almost everything from your wardrobe.

One thing that I think Biker Starlet should improve on is the quality of their buckle for Winnie. The vintage outlook certainly looks classy, but it doesn’t withstand the daily wear and tear. I barely wear it about 5 times and starting to see noticeable scratches at the buckle. I didn’t encounter any problems with my Noelle bag though. Probably it is just the closing mechanism that causes the scratches inevitably.

They have some terrific deal on their official website. Some of the designs are having a 50% discount, a great time to get a new bag!

Note to International Shoppers

I did receive some feedback about having problems purchasing their bag. I figured it is because you’ve visited their Korean site. They do have an English site cater to international customers. Head here to access their English site for international customers. All you need to do is to add the bag to the cart and select “check out all”  at the bottom of your cart page. If you do not wish to sign up as a member, you may select “Guest Checkout”, and continue to pay by credit card or PayPal. However, using guest checkout means you won’t be able to accumulate points for any future purchase.

Biker Starlet x Pheuron Tay – Exclusive Promotion

I’ve partnered with Biker Starlet for some awesome promotion only for you! Simply DM them the code “Pheuron2019” on their official Instagram right after you’ve done purchasing your bag and you will receive a Poppy Canvas Bag of your choice worth SGD 47++! For members who spend more than KRW 200,000 (USD 179++ or SGD 243++), upon DM them the code, you’ll be given a Poppy Canvas Bag of your choice and a super cute Champagne Clutch!  They’re having up to 50% sale on their site now so just click away!


Biker Starlet

2019 New Store: 13 Sangwon-gil, Seongsu-dong 1(il)-ga, Seongdong-gu, Seoul, South Korea
Opening Hours : Mon-Fri 9:30am-6:30pm / Sat 11:30am-6:30pm
Tel: 02-518-1446


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